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  • Architectural
    Architectural Stainless Steel Slides
  • Embankment
    Embankment Stainless Steel Slides
  • Playground
    Playround Stainless Steel Slides
  • Playground Tunnel
    Playround Stainless Steel Slides

Architectural Stainless Steel Slides Architectural Stainless Steel Slides

Architectural Stainless Steel Slides

Stairs optional:
Spice up your home or office with an innovative solution for changing floors. Why use stairs when you can slide!! Great fun!

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SS-A1001, SS-A1002, SS-A1003, SS-A1004, SS-A1005, SS-A1006, SS-A1007, SS-A1009, SS-A1011, SS-A1012, SS-A1013, SS-A1014, SS-A1015, SS-A1016, SS-A1017, SS-A1018, SS-A1019, SS-A1020, SS-A1021, SS-A1022, SS-A1023, SS-A1024, SS-A1025, SS-A1026, SS-A1027, SS-A1028, SS-A1029, SS-A1030

Embankment  Stainless Steel Slides Embankment Stainless Steel Slide

Embankment Stainless Steel Slides

Extra-wide slides, slides with waves, and more for your outdoor picnic area, wildlife center, museum, park, and playground.

Available in mild steel (powder coat finish) and all stainless steel. Options include: Divided slide (center rail), Transfer station (sit down entrance), and Wave (undulations on slide bedway).


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SS-E0300 series
SS-E0400 series
SS-E0500 series
SS-E0600 series
SS-E0800 series

SS-E0900 series
SS-E1000 series
SS-ESS2005-XDWBM (Custom)

Stainless Steel Tunnel Playground Slide Model SS-P109T - surface mount Playground Stainless Steel Slides

Playground Stainless Steel Slides with Tunnel Entrance

Single playground slides with enclosed tunnel entrance. Entrance seating area and side walls.  Surface or bury mount available.

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SS-P104T, SS-P105T, SS-P106T, SS-P107T, SS-P108T, SS-P109T, SS-P1010T, SS-P1011T, SS-P1012T

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